3 Stubborn Sexual Problems In Men Caused By Low Levels Of Testosterone

The Unhealthy living is a fashion statement for the individuals of the new generation but the effects on their lives are for long term. Unhealthy lifestyle is caused by excessive workload and stress, unhealthy diet, environmental pollution, no exercise or workout leads to stubborn sexual problems in the male.

Sexual problems are caused in the male by a low level of testosterone, which is the vital hormone responsible for the growth of sexual libido and manhood. Testosterone deficiency causes weaker muscles, rigid bone joints, hair fall, depression, and major sexual issues as growing age.

Men facing sexual issues are unable to satisfy their respective partners and it leads to humiliation and later on to divorce or breakups.

Premature Ejaculation

Most men who are affected with premature ejaculation in the world faces awkward situations in the sexual act. PE is known as ejaculations within 1 minute, it is also known as rapid ejaculation etc.

PE is classified into two categories, early stage is called as secondary PE which is curable through medicines and an extreme stage is primary PE is difficult to cure. There are some major reasons behind PE like, hormonal imbalance, stress, hypersensitivity, swelling in urethra, inflammation.

Testosterone is accountable for the blood flow in the penis during sexual arousal and has command over ejaculation of semen. The boost in testosterone level reduces the symptoms of PE and reduces hormonal imbalance to achieve long lasting hold over Ejaculation and enables you to satisfy your partner.

Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile Dysfunction is defined as a medical condition where the male is unable to gain or maintain a hard erection during a sexual act. Erectile Dysfunction is caused by many reasons which include physical, emotional or medical problems.

Some medicines for diabetes, blood pressure, and cancer also cause ED. Emotional stress, growing age, and regret also prevent to have a healthy erection.

Testosterone boosts the flow of blood in the penis and upholds blood storage of the cells, enables to have a stronger and long lasting erection.

This process of testosterone is called Vasodilatation and able to cure Erectile Dysfunction.


It is defined as unable to reproduce naturally or in other terms a man’s inability to reproduce with fertile female and women unable to carry a pregnancy to full term.

Studies suggest that 20% men are suffering from infertility. Infertility in man is caused by hormonal imbalance, drugs, alcohol, smoking, radiation, unhealthy lifestyle, and majorly of low testosterone level. Testosterone support testes to produce sperm counts in semen and leads to enhance the chances of fertility and leads to reproduction.

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